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What's this?

We're all about privacy today, and everyone hates having to give up their email adress every time while regestering on some random site on the internet.
We never know if our address will remain in good hands, and hate to find our message box filled with wonderfull offers for viagra, easy ways to make money, and other lifechanging opportunities. Thererefore we have created a 'use once and throw away' approach for emails. You can enter any name @imgv.de during your registration, and check your message box here. That way you can activate your account (if required) and forget all about your email account.

Mails older then 12 hours will automatically be deleted!!

Please don't forget that no password is required to access stored mails. So do not use this service for any exchange of sensitive information!! We take privacy seriously on the imgv.de, therefore no ip's will be stored, and no copys of your mails will be saved. Please note that after an email is deleted there is no possible way of retrieving it. Have fun, and use at own risk ;-)

For more information, comments or whatever: luke@imgv.de